Welcome to The Binbrook-Gunsmiths.

The following pages tell you what we do, who we are and how to contact us.


We routinely service and repair all types of shotguns here in Binbrook. Everything from bolt action Webley's, through to AYA's, Baikal's and Beretta's, to ‘Coggie's' and Westley Richards. We hold spares for many makes and models and if something is not held we can either order it in or make it if it is hard to get. When we service something here we usually strip it down to every last part and clean/inspect everything. We won’t give it a squirt with brake cleaner and hand it back for it to fail on you on your expensive shoot day. 

We are also proud that all work undertaken is carried out in our workshop, using our staff with a mixture of manual and CNC machinery. We will not sub contract work out other than very specialised services and when that is the case, we usually prefer not to take the job on. Our policy has always been when we do a job, we put our name to it and cover it with our no quibble guarantee which is something we can seldom do with another company's work.


We can service, repair and customise or rebuild all sorts of Section 1 rifles here at Binbrook Gunsmiths. If you have a 1900 Steyr Mannlicher, a Pre-45 Action service rifle, a post war rimfire or a modern all stainless and synthetic or precision discipline rifle, not only can we work on it, we probably have one here in the armoury and will almost certainly have shot and worked on such a rifle before.

As well as servicing we can also shorten, crown, thread and re-barrel rifles. We also modify or replace triggers and carry out stock work including bedding and importantly, we can zero and test fire your rifle upon completion of any work as required. We also hold the full inventory of Shooting Shed products which are all made here in house.


We can undertake an extensive range of revolver, pistol and long barrel revolver work in black powder and centrefire variants including repairs, conversions and upgrades for all makes and models.


We work on all air rifles and pistols including FAC rated and FAC conversions. We also work on springers, pre-charged (PCP), CO2 and BB. Please contact us for more information.


We hold a range of used English and European shotguns as well as centrefire and rimfire rifles.


We stock a range of shotgun cartridges, including 12, 16, 20 and 28 bore game and clay, .410, garden gun and .22 Shot, along with centrefire and rimfire ammunition. We will be pleased to take your call to discuss what we have in stock.


We can store your firearms both short and long term and sell them on your behalf if required.


The Binbrook Gunsmiths Team



A 60 something Brit, gunsmith, machinist, designer, maker of shiny things and purveyor of knowledge. Seen here sporting the 'Lock-Down' look.



Christel moved to the UK from Denmark over 20 years ago. Dealing with sales, QA, shipping, accounts, customers and everything else, plus feeding the team. She knows her way around guns and can run a machine or two when needed.


The Dogs

A Lurcher and three Labradors in a Defender, what else would you expect. (Don't look at the camera!)