Our lives are very simple really, guns, dogs and shooting and that's about it.

We moved to the Lincolnshire Wolds in 2015 for the space and quiet and a larger workshop and seem to have been expanding ever since with both machinery and dogs! We shoot every week, usually testing or the occasional round of clays. We also both shoot Light Sporting Rifle and enjoy walking the fields with the dogs and a gun or two. Come winter we will be shooting (David) and beating/picking up (Christel) with our own dogs at a small local syndicate.

Our backgrounds are long distance shooting both in military and civilian environments and between us we have over 85 years worth of experience across multiple shooting sports. We are extremely comfortable with all types of guns and have a solid engineering grounding. It is this experience that drives the product design and development for our world famous 'Shooting Shed’ brand, made here in Binbrook. We produce what we think is arguably the finest precision reloading gauging used by competition shooters worldwide and our bespoke cleaning/bore guides are used on every continent.

So when you contact us you can be confident you are speaking to people who understand shooting inside out.

Our equipment and facilities include:

CNC and manual lathes

Manual milling

Surface grinding

AC/DC TiG welding

Heat treatment

Polishing and grinding